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Find out if entrepreneurship suits you!

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and do you think about studying business?

We invite you to Spark-Days, an immersive 3-days learning experience powered by EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy. The event is addressed to 12th and 11th graders who are interested in broadening their entrepreneurial skills set or studying business.

Are you ready to embark on this discovery journey?

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Application Roadmap

Deadline: 4th of May

In order to be a Spark-Days participant, you will need to submit a short
application, in which we would like to see your entrepreneurial spark and
to understand better why you have chosen to attend this event.

See below the application timeline.



Submit the form to register, and then verify your e-mail to fill the application form, so stay tuned.



Complete the application form and you will be contacted via email with a response.
Deadline: 4th of May


Get accepted

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Join the event and be ready for an awesome experience

Why attend Spark-Days?

Learn from experts who do business and teach at EA

Get a flavour of the entrepreneurial world

Test the EA educational model

Learn new entrepreneurial skills

Solve entrepreneurial challenges

Find out more about student life at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy

Spark-Days Speakers

Head of Digital Strategy

Andreea Cartu

From a fashion blog launched in 2008 to communication strategies in advertising agencies, Andreea Cartu developed her skills in companies like P&G, worked for fashion brands and understood the audiences for this type of products and, last but not least, discovered the culture of Freedom&Responsability at Netflix.

Founder FanCourier

Felix Patrascanu

Even if his dream was to become a judge one day, Felix Patrascanu started to work at Cargus in 1994. He was promoted from being a courier to operations manager and he always followed his passion. Regarding that period, he often says that was the time when he met the people who opened new horizons and the perspectives for business. FanCourier’s story started in 1998, when Felix partnered with two brothers ( Adrian and Neculai Mihai) having in mind one goal: FAN Courier will be the biggest courier company in Romania one day. The plan came to reality in 2006 and from that moment, FAN Courier is the leader in courier services.

Owner/ CEO at Eurolines Romania

Dragos Anastasiu

Well known for his engagement in building the entrepreneurial environment in Romania, Dragos Anastasiu, the president of Eurolines Group Romania, is one of the most popular Romanian entrepreneurs. After 25 years of entrepreneurship, Dragos Anastasiu is now engaged in educational programs that have the purpose of changing the teachers and students mindset. For the moment, he invests a lot of his time in Enterprise Rent a Car ( one of the businesses from the Eurolines Group) and in Green Village Resort from the Danube Delta.

EA Expert

Petrus Stuparu

Petrus Stuparu is partner at TrendConsult Group and he is part of this team since 2007. Experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & coaching industry, he teaches Presentation Skills at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy in Y1. Petrus delivered business solutions in 8 countries for industries like banking, communications, automotive or oil&gas industry.

Lecturer at Bucharest International School of Management

Radu Atanasiu

Radu Atanasiu has successfully managed projects in publishing and real estate. He currently dedicates most of his time to the academic career, but still manages a few private projects and does angel investing in tech startups. Radu has started his teaching career in 2013 at Maastricht School of Management Romania. He taught Decision Making and Critical Thinking for Business for the Executive MBA, the Master in Management, the Fast Track Management Program, and for many executive or open-enrollment programs. Radu teaches at the Entrepreneurship Academy from the beginning.


Day 1 (7th of May)

14:00 - 18:30
  • Getting to know each other
  • Finding out more about the entrepreneurial world

Day 2 (8th of May)

10:00 - 17:30
  • Meeting intrapreneurs & EA experts
  • Working in teams
  • Solving a challenge

Day 3 (9th of May)

10:00 - 13:00
  • Presenting the solutions found by the teams
  • Reflecting on the learning experience
  • Announcing the winners

*Final Agenda will be added soon

Win Scholarships at
EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy
and other prizes

Throughout Spark-Days and before the event, you will go through different challenges that will make you eligible for a series of prizes. More details will be communicated to you when you are accepted.

One of the three scholarships of 2000 Euros

One of the reasons why you may want to apply to Spark Days is that you want to figure out if you would like to become a young entrepreneur. If throughout the event we notice in you the entrepreneurial potential we look for in our future students, we will let you know. If you also confirm the interest of studying at EA-The Entrepreneurship Academy, we will offer you a conditional scholarship (for the first year at EA-the Entrepreneurship Academy). More details about the eligibility criteria will follow in the regulation document you will receive from us once you are accepted.

*This scholarship can be cumulative with other scholarships offered by EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy.

Special prizes

If you join SparkDays with a friend, both of you can win one of the special prizes below at your choice:

Business Mentoring Session

The Business Mentors are business owners [...]

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Coaching Session

The Team Coaches are professionals who [...]

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Meet EA Students

You will meet some of the EA students [...]

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A book recommended by EA

We build entrepreneurial mindsets and [...]]

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Are you ready to hustle?

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