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We invite you to a dialogue with the faculty team and its students, so that you address all the questions you have about EA – the Entrepreneurship Academy!

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Event calendar

21 Jan – online edition

11 Feb – online edition

4 Mar – online edition

Event agenda

We will share the mission of the university, the reason why this program was brought to Romania, and how it responds to the future needs of the economy.

The accreditation and the international heritage will also be explained in-depth, with an emphasis on the Dutch standards that we apply, and the worldwide network, Team Academy, that we are part of.

The topic of blended learning approaches will be addressed as well. We will tell you more about the theoretical and practical manner, about the guided theoretical contexts (courses, team sessions, mentorship meetings etc) and opening a real business in which students apply what they learned.

We will go through the admission stages, we will tell you what we look for in our future students, how to better prepare, and what follows next after a candidate is accepted.

Furthermore, tuition fees and the financing methods will be addressed at the event. We will discuss what other costs the students will cover and the way we help those in need to access the financing methods in order to tackle their financial need.

You are invited to address your questions at any point during the presentation. We strongly encourage you to also prepare some questions beforehand, after you have read the website, seen our youtube channel and our social media accounts.

The educational model and tools at the academy are designed for relevant, applicable, and future-oriented competences and careers in business. In order to understand them deeply and engage in a dialogue with us, we invite parents and young adults to the EA Open Doors events, with an online version for those far away or offline according to socially distance measures.

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Learn more about students’ businesses

Difrnt Agency Logo


Difrnt is a digital marketing agency focused on online performance with a wide skill set: from Paid Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Marketing Automations to UX & UI as well as the ability to execute growth hacking campaigns.

Flip Logo


Flip helps people sell their phones without wasting time in meetings with strangers and uncomfortable negotiations. The team handles everything and send clients the cash in the bank account. - is changing the way people buy and sell second-hand electronics!

Confidas Logo


Confidas is an online platform that helps small businesses get paid on time by providing credit reports for more than 600,000 active Romanian companies and the people who run them. It's helping companies to get paid on time.

Fustite cu Luminite Logo

Fustițe cu Luminițe

Fustițe cu Luminițe is more than just a tutu for girls. They deliver joy and dash of boldness to girls, teens, and women, which allows them to shine, catch everyone’s eye and spark “WOW!” reactions everywhere they go.

Zoe Studio

Zoe Studio

Zoe Studio is a custom apparel studio which manufactures clothing for Romanian brands with great stories and strong values. We provide services of embroidery, DTG printing, screen printing and apparel acquisition.

Rawmantic logo


Rawmantic is a bakery founded by two young entrepreneurs with a simple mission: make a difference in people’s health through plant-based, guilt-free desserts. What does guilt-free mean? No refined sugar, dairy, or artificial ingredients.

Ez Stick Logo

Ez Stick

Stick your phone on any surface! Ez Stick is a smart cell phone stand built to make your life easier! Ez Stick helps you attach your device temporarily to glass, plastic, metal, wood, tiles, dashboard or any non-textured area! It is small but mighty, very practical and surprisingly fun!



Humance Cosmetics is a organic cosmetics brand, that sells body and hair products. What is different about Humance Cosmetics is that you can customise your products according to your needs and desires

Alumni Case Studies

December 17, 2020

George Moroianu (

In my first year of faculty I tried to start a marketplace for house-services like cleaning, grocery-shopping, etc. Unfortunately, I found it way too challenging to aggregate supply on the Romanian market and I was too unexperienced for it, so I shut it down after 1 year and 15,000 EUROS in revenue.

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December 17, 2020

Miruna Ioana Toanchină (Rawmantic)

When I first joined EA, I had no clue about what I business I wanted to start or want I wanted to do. In the 1st year, I initiated and joined several projects that attracted me, at first, at least. Looking back, I realise that I was actually looking to discover myself, my passions and the field in which I could have the greatest impact.

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December 17, 2020

Ciprian Dudulea (Difrnt.)

My entrepreneurial journey started with a huge failure. I’ve spent my first year at EA trying to launch a business idea which aimed to bring healthy food in public schools using vending machines. What I didn’t acknowledge at that time was that the food business is tough

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December 17, 2020

Iulia Petrescu (Ez Stick)

Seeing that my colleagues are taking initiative and launching start-ups in the first year of faculty, I got encouraged by my them and also opened my first business at 19, in the second semester of year 1.

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