Welcome to the 4-Hour Challenge, a one of a kind entrepreneurial competition which will test your entrepreneurial abilities and mindset. You will have only 4 hours to solve a real business problem and find the best solution for it. The brief is brought to you by a special guest about whom you can find out more below.

Join this event either by yourself or alongside a maximum of 4 of your 10th, 11th or 12th grader friends. All we ask from you is to bring your A-game, energy, and fresh perspective, while fully enjoying this online event!

* You can participate to this event only if you are a 10th, 11th or 12th grader.

Application deadline: 7th of June

Register Now

Thursday, 9th of June, 10:00- 18:15

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Application Roadmap

Deadline – 7th of June

In order to be a 4 HOUR CHALLENGE participant, you will need to submit a short
application, in which we would like to see your entrepreneurial spark and
to understand better why you have chosen to attend this event.

See below the application timeline.

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Why attend a 4 HOUR CHALLENGE?

The short answer is right in front of you:
Because it’s a challenge and entrepreneurs love challenges!

What will you experience during the event:

Solve a real business problem

Learn how to efficiently work in teams

Receive feedback for your solution from the brief-provider

Win prizes such as scholarships at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy and other special prizes

Our Special Guest & Brief Provider

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Suprise Guest:

7card is Romania’s sports&leisure market leader, reaching over 1000 corporate clients. With the help of the 7card subscription, companies offer their employees access to a network of 600+ sports and relaxation venues (gyms, swimming pools, yoga & dance studios, climbing gyms, squash & tennis courts etc) in over 55 cities. In 2022, 7card was acquired by global player Gympass, both wanting to reinvent wellbeing by making it accessible to as many people as possible.


Participants Journey

Discover the brief

The Influencer will challenge all teams with a real business issue he faces within his business activity.

Working in teams

Participating teams are made of 4 to 5 members. Each team is either formed of participants who signed up for the competition individually (the organizers will form these teams randomly) or formed of participants who signed up for the event as a team. You and your team will have only 4 hours to do all the things below:

  • Understand the brief
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Decide on the right solution/s
  • Make a plan for implementing the solution/s
  • Build an awesome presentation
Upload the presentation

Each team has to create and then submit a visual support for their solution/s: a 5-minute video presentation for the Jury to evaluate.

To pitch or not to pitch?

After the Jury will evaluate all the presentations, it will choose 5 teams that qualify for the pitching session. Only the 5 teams will pitch live but everyone else is invited to attend the presentations!

Pitch and impress

The qualified teams have a maximum of 5 minutes for the pitch and another 10 minutes for a Q&A session.

and learning

Only one team will win the competition, but all the teams will go through a valuable learning process. The members of the winning team will each, individually, choose from the 2 types of prizes that we offer.





Brief presentation


Teams Formation


Team working session




Evaluation of the presentations




Announcing the winners & Closing the event


There will be only one winning team.
Its members will have to choose between two prizes:

200 Euro

per member of the team


5000 Euro

in scholarship at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy

*Your scholarship will be split as detailed below:

3000 Euros – Year 1
2000 Euros – Year 2


Meet THE Entrepreneur

The winning team will get to meet any Romanian entrepreneur, at their choice. Dream big!


Meet THE Entrepreneur

The winning team will get to meet any Romanian entrepreneur, at their choice. Dream big!

Do you want to win some pocket money for your vacation?

Or do you want to invest the money in your education?

It’s up to you!

Are you ready to hustle?

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