You have just graduated. You studied and worked for 4 years at The Entrepreneurship Academy. Here are your options:

  1. You could continue your career as an entrepreneur. You can develop the business you started during the Academy, or start a new one. With the same partners, or with new ones. While your friends, who graduated from another higher education programme are wondering how to start a business of their own, you already have 4 years experience in the business field, both here and abroad. You have risked, lost, won and succeded. You started up companies, sold products and services, sealed contracts, cashed in, invested, and made good use of opportunities others never noticed.
  2. You want to take a break from entrepreneurship and see what it is like to work in a multinational company. You attend an interview. You compete with candidates who graduate from other faculties and can only tell what lectures they attended, what were their grades and what extracurricular projects they took part in once every other month. You, on the other hand, can talk for hours about your own businesses, how you overcame obstacles and interacted with clients, providers and team members. Tens of times each month. Who do you think the company will eventually select?
  3. You want to explore working in an NGO. You set up an NGO or apply for a position at an existing one. You will know very well what very few NGOs know, namely how to see results efficiently. How to create resources and allocate them, how to motivate people, how to establish functional partnerships. In short, how to create value for all those involved. You have been doing this for the past 4 years, with people and organisations from several countries. When you want to good for others, you need to know what good looks like and how to work for it.

For students of any other faculty, the toughest part is adjusting to real-life situations after graduation. For you, reality has been the closest teacher for the past 4 years. Every day. Not only does it not scare you, but while learning to understand it, you ended up treasuring it. Because reality provides you with all the opportunities you need to obtain what you want in life.

The video below sums up the most important benefits of graduating from The EA: