The Entrepreneurship Academy was established in partnership with Team Academy Netherlands and it is part of the international network of Team Academy schools. We have gathered testimonials of several EA students, but also moments from their learning experience. Alongside them, we also want you to know what students of Team Academy Netherlands have to say:

“Before discovering you, I was admitted at 3 universities in the UK and one in Italy, and I was impatiently waiting for the answer of my initial choice, a French university. My sister had told me about The Entrepreneurship Academy and I was instantly mesmerised, after havind devoured your website. Finally, after you accepted my BootDay application, I realised I didn’t want to leave the country anymore.“

„Why leave, if The EA offers me everything I ever wanted from a university?”. After the interesting, exciting and “real” BootDay experience, I was 100% sure that The EA is where I was to spend my university years.”

Teodora Iacob, 2016 EA student – BACĂU



“If The EA had not been established in Romania, we probably wouldn’t have applied to any university. We were not compatible with the narrow list of Romanian universities. We wanted a context that taught us business, while also allowed us the validation of our expertise, because the labour market doesn’t look for theory-oriented people.

Our ambition is to validate, through our own outcomes, the premises that The EA is by far the best business education system in the country.”

George and Ciprian, 2016 EA students– BRĂILA



“We are at Team Academy to experiment doing real business with impact. It is up to my team and I to decide what to do and how to do it. Team Academy supports us on separate ways: by team coaching, by hoking us up with more experienced entrepreneurs, we call these inspiration sessions.”

Kees Sultan



“Team Academy for me is the school for international entrepreneurship. I have always wanted to start my own company, and at Team Academy, I could just do that. Here it is not only a possibility, but you have to do that, right from the start. You create your own future here, it is in your own hands, and that’s something you also learn here. Here you don’t learn only from books, but here you do it for real.”

Saskia Schrijnen


“Being an international program, you go to different countries. When you get there, Team Academy will give you some goals. It is up to your team to find out how to achieve these goals.”

Gabriel Faerstein


“Team Academy is an unknown rollercoaster ride. You make loops, go up and down, go fast and slow, but you can never guess what will be next. My learning journey has been one big rollercoaster ride as well. It all started at our first day at the Impact Hub in San Francisco… […]…almost seven weeks later, here I am. Enjoying my salad in New York. I think it is fair to say that New York and my hometown Gorcum are two different worlds, but strange enough I feel at home in both of them. The people are on the move and so am I. My rollercoaster ride is going hard, but up.”

Aster van Laere