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With over a decade of experience in the worldwide telecom market, VOX CARRIER is a leading global provider of voice carrier services. Our integrated business model allows us to be a unique supplier of complete solutions and services and a reliable partner for any telecom operator. Our proactive business expansion vision is sustained by a highly experienced and passionate team, cutting-edge network solutions, advanced technological updates and long-term relationships with more than 700 carriers around the world.


Autonom Rent a Car is the largest rental company in Romania, with a national coverage of 41 centers in 29 cities and a fleet of over 3.000 new cars.

Their mission is to provide excelent car rental services at fair prices.

Bookster is a modern online library that helps Romanian companies support their employees in their personal and professional development efforts. By partenering with Bookster, EA students have access to over 30.000 of the best books, articles and study cases in the world – essential resources in the process of developing entrepreneurial competences.

Business Days is an online platform aiming to inform, communicate, educate and generate opportunities for entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in Romania, Central and Eastern Europe. Its mission is to visibly contribute to creating a healthy and sustainable entrepreneurial culture in our country. 

Grecu și Associates

Just like in a chess game, each piece has its particular part and relevance, we integrate in each strategy, the knowledge and expertise of our specialised lawyers, in order to best suit your needs. We pay attention to each step we take, in areas of expertise varying from labour law, advertising law, consumer law, contract and intellectual property.


Since 2006, our customers have said that our efficiency, transparency, and communication skills have helped us stand out. We thank our customers for the thousand registered trademarks they entrusted us with, at national, European and international level.

Xerox România is a subsidiary of Xerox Corporation, global leader in document, equipments and services management for companies. Having been present in the country for over 45 years, with an extensive expertise in services and a team of professionals, Xerox helps companies to manage and streamline document workflows and increase productivity.

Xerox provides complex document management solutions and helps clients to increase productivity, to optimize processes and significantly reduce their costs. The solutions created by Xerox are addressed to corporate clients from different industries, such as financial, banking, telecomunications, manufacturing, utilities, graphic arts and print production, but also to small businesses and individual users. Xerox Romania offers its clients and potential customers complete document management services, high-end multifunction devices, alongside solutions and advanced applications for cost control and optimization of business processes. Processing documents services include development, production, marketing activities, tehnical support and funding for a wide range of equipments and solutions meant to increase the productivity of an organization.

CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer and manager, specializing in the delivery and management of custom-built, high-tech business parks for leading international and local companies making strategic investments in new and expanded operations in Central and East Europe.

CTP is the owner of the CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in Central Europe, with over 4.5 m² of A -class proprieties, in over 80 strategic locations. 

In Romania CTP is the largest developer and administrator of logistic and industrial A-class proprieties, with over 700.000 m² rentable space, in over ten cities: Arad, Bucuresti, Cluj-Napoca, Deva, Ineu, Pitesti, Salonta, Sibiu, Timisoara and Turda.