• Do lectures and seminars take place in Romania or abroad?

You will study in Romania and abroad. Lectures and team meetings take place at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy main campus building. In addition, you will spend 4-6 weeks per year studying abroad (Learning Journeys), in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Silicon Valley (USA) and a BRIC country (Brasil, Indonesia, China, etc).

  • Who are the teachers and how have they been selected? 

Teachers and Team Coaches at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy are entrepreneurs with top managerial responsabilities, and a great reputation for their skills and accomplishments, both in Romania and internationally. Their professional profiles are available HERE. They have been selected based on their professional accomplishments in business and on their mentoring skills. Moreover, all those who play a key role in the teaching process (teaching entrepreneurs, experts, Team Coaches) have delivered great results in the EMBA programme offered at Maastricht School of Management and/or within the Alternative University.


  • What is the minimum score required for the English Language Test?

You need to obtain at least Acdemic IELTS overall 6.5, CAE Grade C, or Toefl Score 79.

  • What is the minimun overall grade required for the Baccalaureate exam?

We do not require a specific grade in the Baccalaureate, but you need the Baccalaureate Diploma when you enrol as a student at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy.  The admission process is a holistic evaluation of each candidate, focusing both on the application documents in the first application step, as well as on the candidate’s performance in the Bootcamp selection, which is the second application step.

  • What are the entry requirements?

Compulsory requirements:

The Baccalaureate Diploma and the English language certificate.

  • When does the application process open and when does it close?

The application process is ongoing (rolling admission). If you want to apply for our Bachelor of Business Administration degree, specialising in Entrepreneurship, fill up the online form. Find more HERE

BOOTDAY – The second selection stage

  • What is the purpose of the EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy BootDay?

Briefly, this experience is aiming at the following:

  1. For applicants to know the team, the teamcoaches, and the experts), to experience the education model and to learn more about entrepreneurship.
  2. For us to interact with candiates and to find out if they have the skills and motivation to become one of the 60 student entrepreneurs of the next academic year. The BootDay experience is thus essential in our selection process.
  • Who are EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy BootDays organised for?

BootDays are dedicated to high school students who wish to challenge their entrepreneurial abilities in a real-life, collaborative and entrepreneurial context. More specifically, BootDays target 12th grade high school students, interested in studying at EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy after graduation, and 11th grade students who want to interact with an entrepreneurial learning environment and are interested in studying at The EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy after graduating from high school.

All those who with to take part in a BootDay event need to submit an online application. The application procedure and the complete calendar are available HERE.


EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy offers its students a variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships. The available amounts are updated on a regular basis.

  • What is the minimum and the maximum amount limit of the scholarship?

The scholarship amounts can vary between 1.500 Euro and 3.000 Euro for each of the 4 study years.

  • What is the annual tution fee and what is the payment deadline?

The tuition fee for the 2020/2021 academic year is 9.000 Euro/year, and it can be paid in two installments: before the beginning of semester 1 (September 2020) and before the beginning of semester 2 (February 2021).


  • How do we enroll in an Open doors event?

All you need to do is submit the application form available HERE.

  • When will you come to my city?

We are currently pattering with important Romanian NGOs to help facilitate our visits to different cities throughout the country. If you want us to come to your city, write us an e-mail at: