The Entrepreneurship Academy is managed by the EntrepreNation Foundation, established by three founding organisations. The mission of the EntrepreNation is to develop entrepreneurship in Romania. The EA is the most important EntrepreNation project.

Founding Organisations

EDUCATIVA is a group of social entreprises aiming to support young Romanian people to reach their full personal development potential.
The following projects are among the most important in EDUCATIVA’s portfolio: RIUF – the largest international university fair in Eastern Europe, EDMUNDO – a free of charge international higher education counselling service, UNIVERSALIO – a counselling service for admission to top international universities, – an online platform for admission to several Romanian universities, and REVIRO – a recruitment service aiming to match Romanians graduating from international universities, with the Romanian job market. EDUCATIVA promotes The Entreprenership Academy among Romanian high school and university students, and manages the application process.
Maastricht School of Management România develops for the 5th consecutive year, an Executive MBA specialising in entreprenurship and a series of educational programmes for the business environment. For the EA, MSM will ensure a high standard of the academic content, offered by renowned Romanian professionals.
The Alternative University is an education institution where students personalise their learning experience. The AU activity has been running for five years and it has worked with over 500 students with a very high potential. Also, over the past two years, the AU has been in the top WorldBlu most democratic organisations in the world. Thus, the Alternative University team will offer EA students its wide expertise in youth education, with a focus on developing learning autonomy.

Founding Partner

ING Bank is the first founding partner of The Entreprenurship Academy. At the same time, ING Bank is the first international financial institution to open a branch in Romania after 1989. Thus, unsursprinsingly, in 2015, ING parters with a pioneer initiative to create a benchmark for entrepreneurial education in Romania and in South-East Europe.

ING Bank supports The Entrepreneurship Academy financially, with strategic guidance and by offering academic scholarships.