For the students that are accepted until the final admission session, in May 2020 (included) who confirm their place, the tuition fee is EUR 9.000/year, the amount remaining the same during the 4 years of studies.

The tuition fee includes access to courses, learning spaces and to The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) experts.

The study fee does not include the transportation, accommodation and meal costs for the 4-6 weeks Learning Journeys that will take place during year I, II and III on different continents. In the first year, the Learning Journey takes place in Amsterdam and it is organized by EA-The Entrepreneurship Academy, having a fixed cost of EUR 2.000, which is to be paid together with the first semester payment. In the coming years, the Learning Journeys will be in different locations, and they will be organized by the students.

The afferent costs of the Learning Journeys will be covered using their own sources or the profits made by the student-teams during the previous years of study.

Early Bird: For those who apply, by December 31, 2019, the faculty will support afferent cost for the first year Learning Journey (they will not pay the EUR 2.000 cost).

In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed by it, EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, takes all the necessary steps to put the students’ safety first. For this reason, until the situation regarding travel abroad returns to normal and it is again safe to travel internationally, the Learning Journeys that usually take place abroad will be replaced with the Learning Journeys at the national level, in order to meet the accreditation requirements and the corresponding learning objectives, therefore:

  1. First Year Learning Journey, organized by EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy, will take place in Romania. Its cost (adjusted to the costs in Romania), along with extra details, will be communicated soon and will be paid together with the payment of semester 1;
  2. Year II, III and IV Learning Journeys, organized by the students, will also take place on the territory of Romania, and the costs will continue to be covered from their own sources or from the profits realized by the student teams during the previous years of study.

For students who are subject to the Early Bird (they have submitted their applications until December 31, 2019 and had successfully gone through the application process), the cost for the first year Learning Journey will still be supported by EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy.

Financing solutions

The students that are registered * at EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy (* they were accepted and they confirmed their place by paying the deposit), who have financial difficulties in supporting the cost of the tuition fee, benefit from the annual support of several companies, Romanian business people and the faculty’s management team. Therefore, they can benefit from several financing solutions (these are cumulative), as follows:

  • Obtaining individual sponsorships – this is a student drive-in approach, that implies contacting various companies, entrepreneurs or the community around, in order to obtain a sponsorship that fully or partially covers the tuition fee. The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) can provide on-demand advice, courses and helpful materials in this regard.
  • Participation in fundraising competitions – The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) facilitates Swimathon participation, a fundraising event through which the students can raise money for their tuition fee. The students that are eligible for participation are those accepted in the admissions sessions that will take place in November, December and February.
  • Referral Fee – The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) students receive a referral fee when they recommend applicants that successfully go through the admission process and confirm their place within the faculty;
  • Student loans – students can access a FINS educational loan, through which they can obtain between EUR 2.000 and 50% of the tuition fee accumulated over all 4 years of study. The loan becomes repayable after graduation, for a period of maximum 5 years, during the faculty time they only having to pay a monthly interest. For more details and registration, please consult FINS website, and directly contact their team for more information:
  • Support scholarships – are dedicated to the students who demonstrate, through a separate application, that they have a very delicate financial situation. These scholarships can only be accessed in the first year, being offered for a period of 4 years, provided that certain academic criteria are met annually. The scholarships amount is situated between EUR 1.000/year and 50% of the annual amount of the tuition fee (in special cases, the scholarships can be even higher). More details in the General Policy for Granting Support Scholarships.

General Policy for Granting Support Scholarships

The contributors to the scholarship fund are the companies ING and NN, that are supporting The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) since 2016. Next to these companies, there is also a group of entrepreneurs who aim to contribute to the Romanian education and entrepreneurial development. In total, the faculty offers a support scholarships fund of EUR 200.000. These are designed for the students having delicate financial situations who, without this support, could not become students at The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA).

The application process for the support scholarships starts after a candidate has been accepted by the Admissions Department of The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) and after he/she has confirmed his/her place, by paying the deposit. The opening of the support scholarships’ application process is communicated to the students by the Admissions Department and it takes place 2-3 times a year (depending on the needs and the available scholarship fund).

The scholarship amount is situated between EUR 1.000/year and 50% of the annual amount of tuition fee (in special cases, the scholarships can be even higher). They are granted for a period of 4 years, provided the student annually meets some academic criteria that will be further detailed to him/her when applying for these scholarships.

The application for support scholarships requires some information such as:

  • Student’s video responses on how he/she plans to maximize the scholarship through academic results and how his/her financial need looks like;
  • Provision of supporting documents that demonstrate the financial situation of the student’s family (salary documents, pension coupons, rents income, dividends income, copyright income, notarial statements regarding the income, statements from the City Hall regarding income etc.)
  • In exceptional cases, discussions with the applicant’s parents may be required in order to grant the scholarships.

In order to decide the support scholarship amount, a comparative analysis is conducted, considering all the financial needs of applicants and the financial fund available at that time.