Educational Fee

The tuition fee for students starting studies in September 2019 is 7,500 EUR / year, the amount remaining fixed over the four years of study.

The study fee includes: 

  • transport and accommodation costs in Amsterdam (6 weeks from the beginning of year I)
  • access to The Entrepreneurship Academy(EA) courses, learning spaces and experts.

The study fee does not include:

  • Travel, accommodation and meal costs for the 4-6 weeks during the Learning Journeys on different continents.
  • Travel and accommodation costs for the 25 weeks spent at Team Academy, Amsterdam in the fourth year.

These costs will be covered from the profit made by the student teams during their previous study years.


Financing Solutions

The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) students who have difficulties in supporting the cost of their tuition fees can benefit annually from the help of companies and business people from Romania in the form of scholarships. They have a number of available solutions: 

  1. Getting individual sponsorships – this implies a student’s own attempt to contact businesses, entrepreneurs, or appealing to the community around to get the sponsorship for the tuition fee
  2. Participating in fundraising competitions – The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) facilitates participation in Swimathon, a fundraising event for certain projects. 
  3. Referral Fee – students accepted and confirmed at The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) receive a referral fee when they come with recommendations for other candidates that are accepted and who also confirm their enrollment.
  4. Supporting scholarships – designed for students who apply at The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA), are accepted, confirm their spot and prove they have a very delicate financial situation. These scholarships can be accessed only in the first year, being offered for a period of 4 years, provided that certain academic criteria are met once a year. The scholarships are between 1000 EUR / year and 50% of the tax / year (in special cases, they may be even higher).
  5. NEW! Student loans – beginning with the students that start the faculty in the fall of 2019, there will be a bank loan that can be accessed. The amount will be between 2,000 Euros and 50% of the cumulative tuition fee for all four years of study. The loan becomes repayable after the graduation of the faculty, within a maximum of 5 years, during which the faculty is paid only a monthly interest. The final terms and conditions will be made public soon.

Contributors to the scholarship fund are EA entrepreneurs, companies and experts, the main partner being NN, which supports students since 2016. The application process for scholarships is done 2-3 times a year and eligible students are announced directly.


General rules of application

The procedure of application for the scholarship programs starts after a candidate has been accepted by The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) and after confirming the place by paying the deposit. The scholarship fund is permanently updated and the opening of the application process is directly communicated to the students accepted by the EA team and takes place two or three times a year (depending on the amount obtained).

Each candidate may apply for one or more scholarships, and the total amount he / she can receive can not exceed half of the tuition fee per year.

The scholarships are provided by Romanian companies and entrepreneurs who want to endorse the future entrepreneurial students who have some material difficulties in supporting the cost of schooling. They can vary between 1,000 and 3,000 Euros* per year for 4 years.


The application process for the 1,000 Euros scholarship includes the following steps

  • the applicant chooses the type of scholarship he / she wishes to apply for;
  • makes a 3-minute video in English, responding to the question he / she will receive from the company or the contractor offering the scholarship;
  • fills in the electronic form (the link for it will be emailed once the scholarship application process starts);
  • presents a dossier with supporting documents (issued by the competent authorities – more information will be provided once the scholarship application process starts) to clearly reflect the family’s financial situation.

In addition to the steps above, for the 3,000 Euros * an additional final step is required, which will involve a discussion with the applicants’ parents and The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) team. 

*Depending on the amount of scholarships earned, the scholarship of 3,000 Euros per year may increase.