The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) learning process is oriented towards students and towards achieving clear and real academic, professional, personal and financial objectives in a Bachelor’s program of 4 years.

The faculty is accredited in the Netherlands by the NVAO Institution (the equivalent of ARACIS in Romania) and respects the Bologna credit system. All students (teamprenueurs) receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with an Entrepreneurship specialization, offered by Team Academy Netherlands. The diploma can be equated in Romania at CNRED, as stated by the Ministry of Education. 

The educational nordic model, which is implemented by our The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA)  professionals, holds some key concepts:

  • No students, but a team of entreprenuers
  • No theory, but learning by doing
  • No simulations, but real businesses
  • No class rooms, but office spaces
  • No control, but self-organization

Besides the individual learning objectives (academic goals), students within their teams and during team-coaching sessions, set their own financial and development objectives.
The learning line has two directors: the standard academic curriculum for a business administration program that will encompass courses of Economy, Finance, Accounting, Management, Strategy, Marketing, Sales taught by entrepreneurs, professionals and business people and the practical direction where theory is put into practice, by creating real businesses, which will be developed by The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA)  students.

  • You are working in teams… of entrepreneurs 

The core concept of the entire methodology is the TEAM, so no student can graduate alone but together they have to succeed as a team / company! We know that in high school little work is done in teams. And we know very well that it is not easy or fast to build a team that works good! But it can happen!

Since the first year , EA students form teams of 10-18 people, under the guidance of a Team Coach. Then these teams will set up companies that will operate as a group of companies under the umbrella of which they can develop businesses in larger, smaller or even in individual teams. There is no limit to the number of businesses as long as they contribute to  success of the main company.

  • You learn by doing

The students will spend an average of 35 hours of courses every week .

The rest of the time will be used by students to create and develop real companies that are entirely run by them, in work teams, assisted by The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) experts.

  • You manage real businesses, making profit

In addition to the individual learning objectives (academic), EA students must also achieve a range of financial and learning / development goals that they will set in team, during team coaching  sessions guided by their Team Coach.

The profit targets per team are essential objectives in the learning process and are set at minimum levels as follows:

400 EUR / team member in Year I

600 EUR / team member in Year II

1.200 EUR / team member in Year III

The fourth year is dedicated to the bachelor’s degree, but also to the planning / launch / development of a new company.

  • Self- organization, self-development

The companies created by The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) students are also used as learning tools in which they will test new projects and implement business ideas.

The students independently develop new products and services, make visits to companies and customers, choose their projects and deliver the whole work. During this process their are assisted by business coaches, team coaches and specialists from different fields of activity.

  • You benefit from resources and expert assistance

The Entrepreneurship Academy supports the development of students / teampreneurs by:

  • Team Assistance  by Team Coaches, Business Coaches and Qualified Experts
  • Presentations / Mini-courses and specific trainings held by national and international experts on various technical subjects
  • Presentations / Conferences / Interactions with Top Entrepreneurs from Romania and from abroad
  • International learning journeys, guided by Team Coaches, but organized by students
  • All opportunities that come along with the Team Academy international network