The Application Form, the first stage of the application process for EA- The Entrepreneurship Academy’s Business and Entrepreneurship Bachelor’s Program, needs to be submitted in English, it takes about 3 hours to be completed and it includes the following sections:

  1. Personal Details: where we request details such as name, surname, city, contact details etc.
  2. Academic Details: where we ask details like the high school you studied in, the profile, English level etc
  3. Personal Statement: where we ask for two argumentative essays (with themes of your choice), a video and a CV upload;
  4. One last thing: where we ask for information about how you found out about The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA)

In order to access the Application Form, you need to have a Gmail account. We will use the same email address in order to send you our answer regarding your application, so make sure you regularly check it.