At the end of the 4-year degree, by obtaining 240 ECTS credits, The Entrepreneurship Academy students receive a diploma and the Bachelor of Business Administration honours, specialising in Entrepreneurship. The diploma is issued by Team Academy Netherlands (Stichting Schoolvision), accredited in the Netherlands, and recognised internationally.

In Romanian, Stichting Schoolvision is called Fundația Schoolvision – which is also the official paperwork name of Team Academy. Similarly, our paperwork name is Fundația Entreprenation and the „stage name” is EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy.

The programme is accredited in the Netherlands, by NVAO, equivalent to the Romanian ARACIS. This is a link to the NVAO site, detailing the programme accreditation:

Based on the Tiimiakatemia philosophy developed in Finland by Johannes Partanen more than 20 years ago, Team Academy continues to be very innovative in terms of methodology and to be part of an avant-garde of international universities, issuing this type of diploma and specialisation. Currently there are centres/ universities in Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Spain, Hungary, Argentina and Peru, all based on the Team Academy methodology.