At the end of the four-year program, by successfully obtaining 240 ECTS credits, The Entrepreneurship Academy students will receive a diploma and the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. The diploma is issued by Stichting Schoolvision, accredited in the Netherlands, and recognised internationally. The diploma is issued based on the programme that is run and accredited in the Netherlands, by NVAO, equivalent to the Romanian ARACIS.

The accreditation requires the students to start and finish university years in Netherland. They will spend the first six weeks of the university in Netherland, at the beginning of the first year. For the last semester of the four years, students will be registered as students at Team Academy Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, where the final thesis will be presented. The programme is accredited in the Netherlands, by NVAO, equivalent to the Romanian ARACIS. This is a link to the NVAO site, detailing the programme accreditation: Click here

This is the link to the NVAO site, detailing the accreditation of Stichting Schoolvision itself: Click here

The entire program is based on the ECTS system; the degree has a total of 240 ECTS. This allows students from EU-countries to go abroad and apply for a next program with a degree that will be universally accepted all throughout the European Union. Please note that some universities might have their own specific policies on with what degree one can enter their Master programs.

For more information on the ECTS system, please see this website of the European Union: Click here

In Romania, EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy program is offered by Fundatia Entreprenation, details can be found at Registry of Foundations and Associations.

In Netherland, a similar program that Stichting Schoolvision runs under the same Accreditation is called Team Academy.

The program that runs both in The Netherland (Team Academy) and Romania (EA – The Entrepreneurship Academy) is based on the Tiimiakatemia philosophy developed in Finland by Johannes Partanen More than 20 years ago.

They trust our students

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The 24h Challenge with EA students was a good opportunity for us to work closely with the new generation. We involved students in an important project for Google, that has many challenges and hidden spots, “How to help more small companies to onboard online?”. I was pleasantly surprised by the ideas generated, of the work done and also about how they presented the results. I really enjoyed my interaction with the students on this Google project.

Dan Oros

Romania Head of Marketing
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It was a real pleasure to meet the students at EA - The Entrepreneurship Academy and see their new and creative perspective about our challenge. In our company, we always try to look at things in a fresh way and search for diversity in ideas. I think that this project gave us and the students the chance to stay curious and develop solutions that are as innovative as our store products. We were impressed by the mature approach they had relating to the brief and how well they presented the solutions at the end of the day. We must admit that we would be happy to have them working at Carturesti as our colleagues.

Serban Radu

Co-founder Carturesti
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The 24h Challenge was an experience where the Orange team lived hand in hand with the students. We did not just wait for their ideas, but we engaged with them on the phone, email and at our offices for 24h whole hours. And the results matched everybody’s effort! Many of the ideas of the students in the winning team were implemented by Orange after, so we consider the project a win-win!

Luiza Muller

HR Manager Orange

Peer Stoop

Peer Stoop

Executive Director
Schoolvision International


We started a partnership with the Foundation Entreprenation in 2015. During the last years, and because of our mutual goals, we have become much more than just business partners; we have become friends that are on this mission together. The way we have modeled our partnership ensures that the students in Bucharest follow exactly the same program as we offer at our ‘mother university’; Team Academy Amsterdam. The result of this is that students graduate at Team Academy Amsterdam with a degree that is accredited in the Netherlands, the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship. I am proud to be a part of this network of conscious interdependent professionals and entrepreneurs that we have created and that we are expanding together.

asked questions

It depends on students’ plans and preferences. Some will opt for continuing their business after the end of the study program, others will want to be intrapreneurs and get employed in an organization. Those who want ro enroll in a Master Program can do so if this is what they wish for.

Mainly, the graduates are eligible for any Master program that specializes in Business or Entrepreneurship, in Romania or abroad. However, since every educational institution has its own eligibility criteria, we advise the students to contact those institutions in advance, and check the admission requirements.

Yes they can. In our community we have many multinational companies that contribute to the learning program of the faculty, and what the business sector says about our faculty’s learning philosophy, is that at the end of this program, students not only get a Diploma, but also a portfolio of practical experiences that they had. This is very important for this sector, considering the fact that one of their main struggles is educating their employees in order to be able to perform business activities more efficiently.

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