The Experts and Team Coaches at The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) are business people with multiple entrepreneurial experiences, with top management responsibilities, accredited both in Romania and internationally for their skills and achievements.

They are connected by their passion and dedication with which they support sustainable entrepreneurial development in Romania. Moreover, according to accreditation standards, they have a teaching or training experience of at least 2 years prior to being selected as part of the faculty’s expert body. At this point, the list of top entrepreneurs and managers who will support The Entrepreneurship Academy (EA) as experts  is continuously growing.


Ilinca Păun

Role at EA: CEO and Team Coach Year III | Subjects taught at EA: Sales , Presentation Skills 

Professional experience: Sales Manager, Corporate Account Director & Managing Director @ Colliers International Romania, Guest Teacher at The Alternative University Bucharest.

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Cosmin Alexandru

Role at EA: Team Coach, Dean and Expert Subjects taught at EA: Leading with a Story, Commercial Branding, Personal Branding

Professional experience: Partner @ Wanted Transformation; President @ Erudio; Managing Partner @ B&P Brandivia; Managing Director @ GfK Romania; Co-founder @ AIESEC Romania.

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Ian Peatey

Role at EA: Team Coach | Subjects taught at EA: Elective Leadership, Team Performance 

Professional experience: Ian Peatey works with Non-Violent Communication method in organizations, open courses and family camps. He studied with Marshall Rosenberg, the psychology doctor who founded this philosophy and is a certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication in the US. He has over 12 years of experience as a trainer for organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, European Commission, British Telecom, Telos Partners. His passion is implementing NSC in the business environment.

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Andreea Cimpoeșu

Role at EA: Team Coach Year I

Professional experience: Andreea Cimpoesu has over 15 years of business experience: she is a graduate from an MBA at CEU and specialized in sistemic coaching and transformational coaching with ICF Associated Certified Coach certification.

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Alecsandra Lițu

Role at EA: Team Coach Year II

Professional experience: Alexandra has over 15 years experience as Trainer, Consultant and Transformation, Change & Communication Manager in companies such as Vodafone, Europe at WNS Global Services, AchieveGlobal / Equatorial, and also as a Business Development Manager at ROI Institute & AchieveGlobal .

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Adrian Stanciu

Role at EA: Expert  | Subjects covered at EA: Leading Change, Leadership

Professional experience: Partner @ Wanted Transformation; Associated Dean, Knowledge and Leadership @ Maastricht School of Management Romania; Partner @ Human Synergistics Romania, Erudio, Ascendis; General Manager & Indirect Sales Manager @ Xerox Romania; General Manager @ Arexim

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Florin Ilie

Role at EAExpert  | Subjects covered at EA: Board Strategy, Micro& Macro Economics, Finance, Capital Markets

Professional experienceDirector – Head of Financial Markets Sales, Director – Business Development, Director – Head of Equity Markets, Finance Manager – Retail Banking, Business Manager – Country Management @ ING; Deputy Director and Counselor to the Ministry @ EU Directorate; Project Manager @ Raiffeisen Bank

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Sergiu Neguț

Role at EAExpert  | Subjects covered at EA: Entrepreneurial Growth, Raising Investments, Managing an Advisory Board

Professional experience: Associate Partner @ frufru, 2Parale, Softelligence, HART Consulting, Intermedicas; Associate Dean @ Maastricht School of Management Romania; Owner @ SVP Consult; Partner @ Wanted Transformation; Deputy CEO & Board Member @ Regina Maria; Project Manager @ Amgen Europe; Country Manager @ Windmill International

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Magda Ropotan

Role at EA: Expert | Subjects covered at EA: Understanding Inovation

Professional experience:  Consultant & Facilitator Innovation processes, Design Thinking and Foresight. She has worked for 13 years in human resource management for multinational companies (IKEA, Genpact and Honeywell), both in Romania and internationally (Russia, Turcia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Egypt). Entrepreneur – she founded, lead and later sold two retail companies. International Board Member @BEST (Board of European Students of Technology)

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Joy Chan

Role at EAExpert | Subjects covered at EA: Basics financing

Professional Experience: Academic Dean & Adjunct Professor @ Maastricht School of Management (Romanian Campus), Visiting Professor @ Corvinus University of Budapest, Adjunct Professor @ Webster University, Adjunct Professor of Finance @ Homburg Academy, Adjunct Sr Lecturer @ CEU Business School, Controller, Regional Finance @ KPMG Central & Eastern Europe.

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Vlad Atanasiu

Role at EAExpert | Subjects covered at EA: Understanding Innovation, Understanding Design

Professional experience: Consultant & Product Development Manager @ Advanced Thinking, Founder & Member @ CROS – The Student Organisations Resource Center.

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Elena Dobre

Role at EAExpert | Subjects covered at EA: Understanding Design

Professional experience: Management Consultant @ Advanced Thinking, Marketing and Communication Manager @ CROS – The Student Organisations Resource Center, Account Manager @ BORTUN, Team Member of New Media School @ CROS, Application Administrator @ METRO MGI Information Technology GmbH.

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Istvan Kocsolade

Role at EAExpert | Subjects covered at EA: Project Management Basics

Professional experience: Energy and Utilities Lead Romania@Accenture, Management Consultant@CII Group, Program Officer@USAID, MBA@Central European University.

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Mircea Drăghici

Role at EAExpert | Subjects covered at EA: Internet possibilities, apps dynamic websites, SEO

Professional experience: Founding Partner @ Venture Growth Partners, Founding Partner @ Science Studies, Business Owner @ Office Dent, Business Owner @ Gradina cu Legume.

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