We want to be very honest with you: The Entrepreneurship Academy is not for everyone. The good news is that when you finish reading this page, you will know if this a good choice for you. The four study years are supercool, but very tough. If you are looking for something easy, this is not it. We can offer you the very best of entrepreneurship, but you have to do the work. You need to like working hard, be the best and and always improving.

We don’t expect you to know anything, but we expect you to want to discover, be curious and excited. We want you to have eagerness. We expect you to refuse sitting on a chair all day, listening to small talk, but to look for clear, concise and relevant information and then put everyting into practice, and verify if things work the way you expect them to.

We know that in the first year, your business might not work the way it should, but we expect you to try until it does. This is called resilience and although it is not an easy thing, it’s a great first lesson, because it describes the ability to bounce back and be more enthusiastic than ever before.

You will not be alone in this experience. Our education model is team-focused, so it would be ideal for you to be a giver, as team members will be the first to reject a taker. The most important feature of entrepreneurship is the ability to obtain results alongside others. This means you need to be able to give others time, effort, energy, knowledge and suport. You need to give first, in order to receive later.

There is no age limit, but we have developed The EA primarily for high school graduates, who aim for high-quality international education and want to build a career in Romania.

We are looking for those who have initiative, who follow their passions, who make decisions based on values and principles, who have the courage the stand up for themselves, who have common sense, work hard and are capable for great achievements.

To be able to study at The EA, you need to graduate from high school and have an English Language Certificate (IELTS – Academic 6.5, CAMBRIDGE – CAE C, TOEFL – 79). However, you can apply before meeting the abovementioned requirements, which is why in 2017 we began organising application and selection events called Boot Days for 11th grade students.

Therefore, after you apply and if you are admitted, in the 12th grade you can focus on the final year exam (Baccalaureate) and, if needed, on obtaining an English language certificate.

Now you tell us, have we made you curious? If the answer is yes, then wait no more. Learn more about the application procedure and become of our students.