• The tuition fee for students beginning their studies in September 2019 is 7.500 EUR/year, a fixed amount for each of the 4 years of study.
  • The tuition fees also cover transportation and accommodation in Amsterdam, during the 6 weeks at the beginning of the 1st year of study. Students need to cover meal expenses for this period separately.
  • For the 4-6 weeks of travelling in Sillicon Valley and a BRICS country during years 2 and 3, as well as for the 34 weeks spent with Team Academy Netherlands in Amsterdam in years 3 and 4, students need to cover their transportation, accommodation and meals expenses from business profit made by the team during previous study years.


Each team of students have a profit target, which is an essential objective of the teaching process. As a team, students need to attain a profit target of at least 1500 Eur/team member in the 1st year, 2.500 Eur/team member in the 2nd year and 5.000 Eur/team member in the 3rd year.


The Entrepreneurship Academy offers its students merit-based scholarships worth approximately 274.000 Euro for the 4 years of study. This is a private fund, provided by the founding partner – ING Bank, by NN, the biggest need-based scholarship fund, worth 100.000 Euro for four years, and by a group of Romanian entrepreneurs.

General requirements

The application process for the need-based scholarships is open after the Entrepreneurship Academy commission officially admits a candidate and after he/she confirms his/her place by paying the depository. The scholarship fund is constantly updating and the opening of the application process for the scholarships will be clearly communicated to the accepted students, by the EA team and it usually takes place two or three times a year (depending on the obtained amount).

Each candidate can apply to one or more scholarships and the maximum amount he/she can receive for each of the 4 years of study cannot be greater than half of the tuition fee per year.

Companies and Romanian entrepreneurs award the scholarships with the aim of supporting the student-entrepreneurs who are having certain financial difficulties with covering the fees. The scholarships can vary between 1.500 Euro/ year and 3.000 Euro/ year*, for each of the 4 years of study.

The application process for the 1.500 Euro/year scholarships has the following steps:

  • The applicant chooses the scholarship he/she wishes to apply to;
  • He/she records a maximum of 3-minute long video in English, which answers a question asked by the funding company, or entrepreneur who offers the scholarship;
  • He/she submits the electronic application form (its link will be e-mailed, together with the announcement regarding the launching of the scholarships application process);
  • He/she submits a folder containing relevant files (releases by the entitled authorities – more information will be provided together with the announcement regarding the launching of the scholarships application process) that reflect the financial possibilities of the family.

For granting the 3.000 Euro/year * scholarships, on top of the previously mentioned steps, a last step will be needed, namely a conversation between the student’s parents and The Entrepreneurship Academy team.

* depending on the obtained amount, the 3.000 Euro/year scholarship might increase.