In order to become a student at The Entrepreneurship Academy you will have to pas through the Application process. The process has three main steps:

  1. Submitting an APPLICATION FORM here: APPLY NOW!
  2. Taking part in an EA-BOOT DAY (a day of working in teams on a given brief). It usually takes place on a Friday.
  3. Presenting yourself to an INTERVIEW. In usually takes place the next day after the Boot Day, on Saturday. If you can’t make it the next day don’t worry. We will work something out the next week , on Skype/ telephone/ live at our headquarters.


THE APPLICATION CALENDAR is organised around the Boot Days events. All of them take place at EA’s headquarters in Bucharest, between 08:30 a.m and 20:30 p.m. In order for the candidates to take part at a EA-Boot Day they have to fill in the online application form until one week prior to the event.

Please take notes about the next BootDays and see when you are available:

26th OCTOBER – application form fill in deadline: 15th October- 23:59 p.m.

16th NOVEMBER – application form fill in deadline: 5th November- 23:59 p.m.

14th DECEMBER – application form fill in deadline: 3rd December- 23:59 p.m.

  • The application form has the following sections:
  • Personal Details – the personal information required when submitting any academic application.
  • Academic Details – we need to know the high school you graduated from, and the main subjects you studied.
  • English Certification – which is required because some EA tutors are English-speakers and several lectures are taught in English. You need the language certificate at the beginning of the 1st academic year, but you are free to apply before obtaining it.
  • Document Upload – where you need to upload your high school transcript (for the first three high school years if you are still studying. If you graduated, you need to upload the transcript for all four high school years), the Baccalaureate Diploma, the English Language Certficate and your CV. Any missing document can be submitted no later than September 1st.
  • Personal Statement – which includes two essays and a video, because we want to know the way you think and what motivates you.
  • One last thing – how did you first hear about The Entrepreneurship Academy?

Based on the online application procedure, selected candidates will be invited to the Boot Day, an opportunity to experience the EA education model, to know the academic tutors and team coaches and to showcase their motivation and teamwork abilities. In 2017, we started organising Boot Days for 11th grade students, as well as 12th graders.

All those selected following the Boot Day experience, will receive conditional or unconditional admission offers, depending on the information and documents provided in the application form.  Conditional candidates receive unconditional offers once they submit all missing documents.

All conditional and unconditional candidates have 30 days to confirm their place, by paying a 720 Euro deposit (deductible from the 1st year tuition fee). We accept application on a rolling basis and if you want to take part in the next BootDay, you need to submit an application by October 15th 2018.

The most important dates of the application process are the following:

  • The next BootDay edition for this academic year (2018/2019) is scheduled Friday, the 26th OCTOBER 2018.
  • IMPORTANT! Beginning with September 2018, we are charging new tutition fees, for the academic year 2019/2020.
  • Two weeks after taking part in a BootDay experience, the applicants receive our final decision and can reserve their place at the EA.
  • After receiving an offer of acceptance, the student’s place is reserved and guaranteed for 30 days. The first university day at The Entrepreneurship Academy for the year 2019/2020 is September 8th 2019.

Further information and updates are available on our Facebook Page, so we invite you to connect with us.